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Adversity and Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

As an entrepreneur you will be faced with an immense amount of adversity and challenges from both business and life. What can separate you for the pack is your ability to face these challenges and to take them head on. When running a business, we must react fast whether it is good or bad news and learn a way to put a positive spin on it. Let’s face it in the year 2018 as a business we are all now working as social media marketing companies trying to find a way to influence our clients. If every time you have a little issue or hiccup you turn it into a negative piece of content, then you are bound to fail.

What this means in this modern environment is you are both the gatekeeper of information about your company as well as the public relations department on how you want that story out. No matter what the story is whether good, bad, or even really ugly there is always a way to properly tell the story and make it work for you. As a business owner and entrepreneur now the job is on you to figure out what this means and how to make it work best for the company.

Duxbury Office Under Water

Over the years of growing businesses and consulting for other businesses I have become an expert in this field. I have had buildings collapse, employees walk out, an office go underwater in a blizzard, and much more. Each an every one of these events has made me stronger as a businessman and given me a better understanding of what is means to be an entrepreneur in the modern-day world.

This particular video goes over my personal struggle with a hamstring tear and how I am using that to get a lot of the inside business work done that I normally avoid. This injury has landed me in bed for a few weeks and led to endless what if questions by friends and family. Most people think that when something like this happens that it is time to have a pity party but I am here to tell them that is dead wrong.

Shawn Patrick Moloney on the Surgery Table

Based off of this theory and the fact that I Iove to share my experiences I am going to be building a whole video series on the struggles of entrepreneurship and all the major events that happened in my life. I will review each of these issues and review how I put a positive spin on each. As the CEO of my own company and having sold one other company believe me when I say I have been through it all! If at any point you read something and want more clarity feel free to reach out to me on any of my social channels.

Please check out all my videos to see each of my struggles and the lessons I learned in the process. If you like this video, please make sure to make a comment and subscribe to my channel!

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