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Experiences Vs. Possesions

Updated: Apr 27

When I was young, day after day people would talk about success and the American Dream and how it meant a home, a family, and a white picket fence. I completely believed in this system, thinking to myself that I would do it one better and add self employment to the list. I decided to open a landscape company where I found success and was able to purchase a home when I was 23, falling directly into the American Dream — or so I thought.

About six or seven years later I looked at my life. My friends and family were going on vacations and taking time off, all while I was growing my possessions. I got to a point where I had six trucks, a car, five trailers, a tree chipper, a stump grinder, a 70-foot bucket truck, a skid steer, ride on lawnmowers, a 1500 square-foot garage, 16 employees, a house, and much more. There was only one thing lacking in all of it and that was time to enjoy my life and explore the world. I decided that I would finally take a vacation and went away on a cruise.

While I was away for the first time, I got a call from my crew asking about a simple task. At this point a switch went off in my brain and I knew it was time for a change. Since then, I have sold my business, my house, and most of my possessions. I decided that I would take some time off and rent a house and travel a bunch. In my travels since November, I have visited Jamaica, Saint Croix, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Iceland, Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. Although I have only been exploring for months, in contrast to the years I spent growing my business and list of possessions, I would say I value the experiences more.

I think we each have a different path and everyone should follow the path that best represents them. This might mean that sometimes in life you may value possessions more than experiences. However, one thing to keep in mind is that your possessions cause worry while your experiences create memories. That thing we love the most about our possessions is the experience we have with the item. Learn to live more and want less and you will have everything.

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