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Global Warming, Climate Shift, Polar Wander, or Just Plain Normal?!?

Updated: Apr 27

If there is one thing all humans need, it is a planet to live on. As we grow and educate ourselves, it is natural for us to have concern for our home and wonder about global warming. While humans are not new to the planet, the things they are doing to it have evolved over time. In the early days, when man was merely just past the primate stage, man lived in harmony with the planet; only killing to defend or feed themselves and being one with their surroundings. As humans became more and more of an intellectual being, they learned to have wants and desires and this has led to the age we are in now.

Global warming is a hot-button item for almost everyone and each person has an interesting perspective on what they believe, which is influenced by where they got their information . I do believe and fully understand that the planet, in its current state, is annually moving toward a warmer temperature on average, however, I do not think anyone can fully understand global warming. In the world there are so many theories, including volcanic change, climate shift, polar wander, and just the belief that it is normal and the world changes with time.

For me, I think that we can take bits and pieces of information from each of these theories and come close to an answer, but then if we try doing the same thing a second time, we may come up with a completely different outcome depending on who we ask. So overall, this is a subject with zero possibility of a correct answer.

Here is my guess on what is going on with the planet: I think in time, the world goes through changes; everything from asteroid strikes that block out the sun with dust to volcanic eruptions that cause ice ages. With all of these constant changes, the world is on its own course. Now that said, I think man is agitating the planet in a way we cannot understand. I think we have way overstepped our boundaries and our disrespect for our planets balance is going to have a quicker and more drastic effect than global warming. This is where I would say we use global warming as a scapegoat for personal responsibility.

You are probably wondering what I mean by this so let me explain. We have decided in time that the world was put here for man so that means everything here is second class to man. The problem with this is that that now leads to a lack of respect for everything non-human. An example is if you think about when was the last time you heard an account of the collateral damage done to the earth or animals when the military shoots off a rocket or other weapon? Last I checked, in war, we hear when they accidentally kill one human but during the process, they never mention the fact that they polluted our planet and killed lots of natural beings.

This goes on throughout life, recreated time and time again and not just in war. From one intrusive ant looking for sugar which leads to the ant genocide we run in our lawn using harmful chemicals so we can safely steer clear of this mostly harmless insect. We put salt on our roads to drive fast while we wonder why the trees on the street struggle to live. We spill endless chemicals into the ocean and create new hazardous materials everyday to solve problems where sometimes a natural remedy is available or no remedy is needed. We put chemicals in ponds we know sewerage leaks into to fix a problem we create.

This battle we are having with the planet is going to lead to the disruption of the Earth’s natural rhythms. We try to tie most of these issues to something larger called global warming but I believe they are unrelated to each other and we use global warming as a giant excuse to be a dick to nature and feel OK about it. If we keep up with what we are doing, the planet will simply no longer be able to keep up – leading to massive population reductions through famine, drought, fire, storms, and many other natural cleansing tools the earth has at her disposal.

I hope that in years to come we can learn to exist with the earth. This planet is an amazing place and if we each took more personal responsibility it would bounce back in no time. My goal would be to help everyone see this truth so I can do my part in helping us move forward and past this preventable self-created disaster we are all predicting.

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