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I Have Always Received Good Advice.

Updated: Apr 27

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Thought For Thursday: In life, we often receive advice from other people, whether we ask for it or they just tell us their opinion. Sometimes we crave this advice because we think another person may have the hidden keys to success on a subject we are struggling with. Other times, we do or say something and someone else reminds us that what we did may be dangerous or they do not agree with it.  In all of these moments and within these tidbits of advice, there underlies one secret fact.

Never Brain Power Of Thought

The fact is that in life, we each create our own reality and our lives are just a collection of those creations. It is the reason one of us may play hockey while someone else plays chess. So what I mean by all this is that the person giving you advice is taking information from their brain and their collective personal experiences or opinions and trying to impart that knowledge into your brain. This is where the tricky part comes in and where your mind needs to actively get involved. Do not let all their information and advice just jump into your brain!

Thought Is like Light

All of this information that another individual is telling you may or may not be true and may or may not be good advice. This is the point where we use our mind and heart to listen before we allow our brain to accept the information as truth. As we listen to what the other person tells us, we must learn to hear the inner message. Sometimes the inner message and the surface message line up and you get sound advice. Other times, when someone tells you something, you will notice how ridiculous and nonfactual their opinion is and then this also becomes good advice because it shows you what not to do.

You Are What You Think

If you can work everyday to remove your negative bias and both consciously and subconsciously think, there is truly no limit to what you can accomplish. The next time you see someone you think you have a difference in opinion with,, ask them a question and learn from them. Just use sound judgement and never jump to conclusions because during this conversation, it may strike you that you were wrong about something and had spread that same negative thought to others.

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