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The Weekend Read - Extreme Ownership

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Extreme Ownership was a book that came to me at a time when I needed it the most. Just before I got the book I had some real struggles in my business and in my life. This book was given to me by a friend as a suggestion on how to get over the slump that I was in. Looking back on it, they were dead right; I did need this and have been happy to put it into practice. Extreme Ownership was written by Navy Seals about Navy Seals and the mentality it takes to become a successful Seal. The book discusses how they manage in high stress situations and how they rely on others as well as themselves. Though this book is not written in the most friendly settings for most people(based on the war scenes) it is real and it is how they really make it through all of their challenges. The book describes scenarios and then explains how judgement calls were made and who made them. To me, the most important part of this book was when the Seals talked about team failure. They brought up the fact that for any team to fail, you as the leader let them down. Though it is easy to think we are perfect as the leader, consider this next thought: In the book, they explain how no one wakes up in the morning and goes to their position or employment in life saying, "I cannot wait to fail today." Based on this thought, they elaborate how proper planning, preparation, and time allowance lead to success. When making a plan that involves one or more people, the better the plan is, the higher the chance of success. If you are not successful, the best way to deal with that is through the Extreme Ownership belief that you, as an individual, could have done more. If you are a business owner or just someone who likes to take themselves to the next level, this is a good book for you.

I give this book a 5-Star Rating

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