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This Tastes Like What? - Food for the Mind

Updated: Apr 27

Recently, my life took a huge turn where I decided to work on myself on a new level. I began to read more than a book a week so I could learn more about myself and how to be better at being me. Last week, I had the fortunate fate to find a book I connected with well, or rather, the book connected with me. The book was called The Super Brain and is a book about your mind and your brain and how to train them to do what you want in life. One of the most important pieces of info I took from this book is that seeing and trying new and different things is one of the only ways to expand what you know and understand.

After reading this book, I decided that my biggest weakness when it comes to diversity and trying new things is my eating habits. Since I was a child, I have been an extremely picky eater. This book has helped me better understand that I have been letting my mind run the show while my brain believed that I did not like the tastes. Upon completion of the book I decided that I would work to give everything a chance and keep an open mind. What this means is that instead of going into something I have never tried with a negative thought because I am “picky” I would go at it with positivity and an open mind.

Since this experience, I have been able to conquer my food fears and work my way towards a more diverse pallet. Each time I try a new thing, it helps me undermine this destructive thought behavior that I allowed my mind to tell my brain. One of my toughest challenges so far for me has been eating spicy things. This trip to Saint Croix is a great place to push that journey along because all the food here has spice on it. My last trip here in October, I let my mind get the best of me and struggled to eat enough food as I refused to eat the spice. This time I am glad to have read this book and to be able to expand my pallet. This new expansion of myself has helped me in ways that I cannot even explain. I challenge you to also try something new in life every day from foods to experiences. Get out of your bubble and live! It is up to you, where you are, and what you do everyday. We sleep to reset so when you go to sleep next, remember you have a chance to be a new you when you wake up.

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