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Who's Driving Vs. Who's In Control

Thought for Thursday

Who is driving the car? Who is in control of the car? Are these two questions the same? Currently, in the world we live in, we are taught by most people and formal education that the brain and the mind are one and the same. In time, there have been new schools of thought indicating that they are actually different. Take my opening two questions; by simply replacing of the word "driving" with "in control" we change the whole sentence. As we are often taught, we think we can use the words interchangeably in much the same way we use the word brain and mind interchangeably as well.

Iceland Geyser

If this interchange was not an issue, then let me ask you these next few questions: Can you change your mind? Can you change your brain? Now, take time and think about it. If you are capable of changing your mind, then you are capable of changing the brain. Think of something your mind has been telling you to do but you have avoided doing because of the fear other people have instilled in you. When you attempt the challenge and accomplish the task, you create new neural pathways, which change your brain. Instead of your brain being full of illogical thoughts, it now has experiences that allow the brain to change. Once you begin this challenge, you will change your brain to be more positive and create new neural pathways, further expanding your ability to think.

Iceland Geyser Park

Do not be the person that thinks they are not in control. I dare you to challenge your mind-brain relationship at least once today!

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